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"The unexpected always shakes us up 
breaks us down
spits out, steps on…
and keeps it moving 
Stuck in between the then & now 
Time continues waiting for you to accept new beginnings 
but its so hard for us to flow with change
Especially when we know 
…nothing stays the same “
I wrote that after reading this somewhere on facebook, certain things take your mind into certain worlds, I swear. I remember wanting a caterpillar tattooed on me when I was 18, I said id get the wings when I felt like I have completely transformed. Never got it by the way but it made me start thinking about how far behind I feel like I am in completing my goals , and becoming the woman I aspire to be the healer, the transformer, the explorer of skies. I found myself in tears until I realized it wasn’t about not completing my goals , or me getting a tattoo, but about me not accepting the fact that I am still and will forever be in transition all things go through transition, plants, babies, bugs etc. it cant be shaken. I battle everyday not knowing whether ill make it to my definite goal, but today I realized, that my circumstances are temporary distractions, & regardless of how awkward this transition stage is I will get my wings !
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